Economic Systems Design and Development

Miles Consulting Services specializes in designing, developing, and implementing advanced, user-friendly economic systems and databases which can serve a variety of functions.

Economic/Industry Studies

Miles Consulting Services provides both support expertise and turnkey solutions to industry economic and LMI studies. Project success is always achieved through proper project setup. MCS works with clients in detail to determine the purpose of the study being conducted, what the study is being used for, and what existing information is available from the client and other sources.

Using sophisticated research and analysis methods, enhanced by Miles Consulting Services’ highly valued critical thinking component, clients are provided with their required in-depth analyses.

    Areas Studied In-Depth:

  • Aerospace
  • Non-Profit
  • Biosciences
  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • Arts, Cultural, and Creative Industries
  • Food Manufacturing

Project Management

Miles Consulting Services is Project Management Professional (PMP) certified and an Associate Member of the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

Using a highly analytical approach to project management founded on effective project setup, cost, quality, and schedule management, Miles Consulting Services completes projects to scope, on budget and schedule.

Since MCS relies on a diverse and experienced team of contract architects, engineers, and other construction professionals, clients are provided a team that is tailored to the needs of their specific project.

MCS uses MS-Project to setup, execute, and monitor and control projects, and STATA and MS-Excel to analyze project data.

Partnership with Sever Lupu Construction Cost Consultants Inc.​

Miles Consulting Services (Associate Member of the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors) has a strategic partnership with Sever Lupu Construction Cost Consultants Inc. to provide clients with high-quality cost consulting services and reporting.

Sever Lupu – C. Eng, MAACE, CEC, is regarded as one of the best construction cost estimators in the country, providing expertise on many different types of construction projects including commercial, educational, institutional, light and heavy industrial and major hydro electric. Mr. Lupu has been providing high quality cost consulting services since 1968.

Miles Consulting Services compliments the expertise and experience of Sever Lupu Construction Cost Consultants Inc. using its background in economics, statistics, and complex problem solving.

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Environmental Economics

Greg Miles, working for Indigenous Management Group Inc., developed an advanced system for determining the economic loss to communities caused by natural resource developments. Using a meta-analysis and random-utility model framework, impacts caused by mining and hydroelectric development to specific communities were estimated. This information was used to inform compensation among other purposes.

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